WHAT are FOODSION events?

Foodsion is a concept combining food, culture and visual arts to create a unique culinary event. All the suggestions we make are travelling options and can be provided anywhere in the world.

We offer experiences based on Spanish, Mediterranean and Latin American cuisine.

Different event styles lend a huge range of possibilities to a restaurant and can be adapted to suit the business model, philosophy and target audience.

Carmen is one of the last custodians of old traditional recipes and, as such, she has in-depth knowledge of produce and traditions. In today’s world, traditional culinary knowledge is dying out, and Carmen is the one person who can bring back these bygone recipes.

Carmen is a tasting menu based on a personal study and interpretation of classic Spanish recipes. Over seven courses and five different wines, guests immerse themselves in a journey across a variety of locations on the Iberian Peninsula, learning about the cultural and culinary traditions of each area.

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Lola embodies the tapas culture. Casual and informal, she immerses you in the traditions, cultures and flavours of our country.

Lola transforms your restaurant into a “tapas bar”, creating different culinary spaces.

  • The “pintxos” display, emulating a classic Basque bar, offers a selection of cold tapas.
  • The hot tapas menu served at the table provides a personal interpretation of the most classic tapas.
  • The paella beach bar offers a cooking show and the opportunity to taste the different rices used in paella.

This event is an informal culinary experience where attendees can try a couple of tapas or the whole selection. Each participant will be given an event small passport, with blank spaces where the team in charge of the event will put a stamp for each dish the participant tries. Before leaving, the guest pays their bill based on the number of stamps in their booklet.

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This culinary experience is based on Mexican and Latin American cuisine. It can be arranged in the style of Carmen or Lola.

Ana Vegana

A vegan tasting menu based on Mediterranean cuisine. Six to eight dishes paired with homemade beverages and wines suitable for vegans.


A tasting menu inspired by studies undertaken whilst travelling. Six to eight dishes that bring us flavours from Hainan (China), Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean coast, the Peruvian Pacific and traditional Mexican cuisine.

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How does it work?

  • The events must be booked approximately 2 months in advance.
  • The restaurant chooses the type of event it wishes to hold and how long it will last.
  • Together we decide on a final menu and price to suit the restaurant’s target audience.
  • Organising and promotion for the event begins.
  • One week before the experience, Martín Coronado, and his team (if necessary), come to the restaurant to start preparing.
  • The restaurant provides contact information for the local suppliers required to produce the menu.
  • We source any speciality products that are difficult to find.
  • Kitchen preparations should begin 2-3 days before the event. Local staff are not required for the pre-preparation phase.
  • The day before the event a meeting is held with the floor staff and kitchen team in order to organise the FOODSION event.


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