I started cooking out of necessity when I was 18 and on a three-year trip to Latin America. During this time, I became familiar with different cooking styles, such as Peruvian, Bolivian and especially Mexican. Having worked for two years in restaurants in Chiapas and Puerto Vallarta, I decided to make a career out of this.

Once food had become my passion, I returned to Madrid and in 2012 I studied the Masters in Cooking, Technique, Product and Creativity at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian.

I then worked as a chef in a number of well-known restaurants in Madrid, such as “La Tasquita de Enfrente” by Juanjo López Bedmar, (two suns in the Repsol Guide) and “La Huerta de Tudela” by Ricardo Gil. For three years, I combined my work as a chef and chef instructor with gastronomic events at Kitchen Club and Alambique.

In 2015, I embarked on a joint project and in May we opened Verde Oliva Gastroteca, a “local market cuisine” restaurant in Majadahonda (Madrid) where I fuse our local cuisine with dishes that I learned in Latin America and which has gradually become a leading restaurant in the area.

For the past few years as the head of the business, I have trained as a sommelier, first at Escuela Española de Cata (the best Spanish wine tasting school in 2018 according to Wine Challenge) and then I reached WSET level 3. After my experience as sommelier at the restaurant, I was awarded the title of third best sommelier in Madrid in 2017 by the Madrid Sommerliers’ Association. I currently teach pairing classes at Escuela Española de Cata and I am a founding member of Madrid’s new sommeliers association (ASUMAD).

Alongside my work as chef and sommelier at Verde Oliva, I also have work as a gastronomic consultant since 2016 with a focus on food and drink offerings for other organisations in order to ensure they remain efficient and profitable. In 2017, I advised on the opening of a Spanish restaurant in Haikou (China) and more recently I have helped design and prepare the menu for Restavracija Okusi Krasa (Slovenia).

In 2019, following a 5-month gastronomic tour through Southern Europe and the Balkans, I created a series of gastronomic events for restaurants and to promote Spanish food and wine around the world.